Why sell your Kelowna home during the fall season?

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Selling your Kelowna home in the fall season? Get to know the benefits

For most people, spring season is the busiest in the real estate calendar. Yes, this is true because springtime is traditionally the “high season” when it comes to selling homes. But what many people do not know is that fall is the second busiest season for the real estate niche. And now you must be surprised with a “why” on your lips.
Here is a logical explanation for the uptick in home sales during fall. Summer is conventionally the holiday season. Homeowners are not home to stage and list their property for sale. The stifling summer weather does not do it any good. The truth is, nobody wants to be entangled in selling their homes while everyone else is out enjoying sandy beaches and sunshine.
Winter? Let’s not even go there. You are now left with fall, which is arguably a less busy season. Temperatures are more agreeable to searching a new home. Besides, every home is full of the fall cheer of new foliage, pumpkins and mums.

Benefits of selling your Kelowna  home during fall

Kids are back to school
With the kids away, it will be easy to keep your place clean and tidy for the showings. The kids can be a real headache if they are around when selling your house. But during fall, you will not have to worry about them. They will not be traipsing in and out with their muddy feet and wet swimsuits.

• It is time for serious buyers
Anyone buying a home in fall, they are dead serious about it. You could never ask for a better time to sell your home faster and for a great price than this. These buyers are retirees, people changing careers, or new homeowners. They have done their research and ready to commit when and where they see a great offer. They are running against the tide of time. Winter is coming they better be comfortably settled in their new home.

• You can close the deal fast
Selling a home can be painfully a long process: getting your home ready, listing it in the market, finding buyers, and facilitating showings could take much time. During fall, people are on holidays and back to normal routine. Notaries, home inspectors and appraisers are now available around the clock. With everyone back to what they do, you can bank on closing your sale faster than during any other season.

• A good time to maintain your curb appeal
Let’s face it- your home curb is one of the most important parts for your showings. And what a better time to show it off than during fall? Here is your chance to show off your home’s polished landscape and the alluring lawns. Tapping into this advantage could be the reason why your home will be sold a few days into the local property listing.
You no longer have a reason to wait for spring to sell your home. Fall is the new season to hit the real estate market. With so many benefits coming your way, you have no reason to be afraid. After all, if it does not feel right you can always wait for spring. Either way, it is a win-win for you.